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RE: Can we do something now?

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> From: Lalo Martins [mailto:lalo@webcom.com]
> I'm thinking not only of consulting, but also training. I
> thought of a name like "Debian Professional Consulting and
> Education Collective".

Humm...How about "Debian Consulting and Education"  DCE.
> I propose we start with a website; this website would have a
> even into the Debian FAQ.

Agreed, we should take the Debian model, where the members
actually build the pages and content, and the public view is
just links to the members pages.

> In this initial stage, it would work mostly for the following
> goals/methods:
> 1: a kind of self-appointed certification authority for
>    Debian-related consulting and education services - both

Do you want to provide testing, grading, pass/fail etc, or just
information and educational curricula?

> 2: a central knowledge base, so that Debian consultants and
>    educators can enjoy in their work the same advantages Debian
>    offers as a project (a community, peer review, etc)
In the form of ??? search with htDig ? or are you
envisioning something like a knowledge base reasoning engine?

> 3: the development of an "official" Debian learning program, so
>    that certified Debian Collective teachers around the world
Same comment as #1

> 4: a central advertising force for members, of course

> 5: a piece of good PR for Debian; IMO, if Debian counts wich a
>    publicly reachable professional consulting/support/education
>    force, one of the major obstacles in its way may be lifted,
>    and if this force is powered by the same community spirit
>    that powers the Debian project, even better.
> Please let me know what you think about it.


The consultants, and how to contact them, needs to be made public and

The Educational framework, and Knowledge base needs to be public and

Advertising banner rotation of member banners (and others?) needs to be

Then, If there is enough "good" to progress to some type of "Certification"
program, this could be a revenue stream for those giving the classes,
not to mention supporting the organization.

There are a LOT of FAQ's and HOW-TO's, there are no training curriculum
that I know of.  This is a good idea, but we need to put together quality
BEFORE we make the light-speed-jump to seminars and Certification classes.


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