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Re: ZDNet article

Michael Bravo <mbravo@kronverk.spb.su> writes:

> Take a look at http://www.fourmilab.ch/ , namely the app called SpeakFreely 
> (I think it's even available as a Debian package). If we figure out how to
> sync in time, and the Internet 'weather' willing, we can talk on that. I
> used it to talk to my friend in Richmond without any severe problems,
> provided we were both on dialup, I'm on Linux and him on Windoze.

I tried it out.  I had to hack the ALSA SoundBlaster driver to do
hardware mute so I didn't blast my ear out with my microphone/headset
(and then I found that they had already implemented a few days
earlier) - but now I've got it working pretty decently.  I also
recompiled it so it will work full-duplex.

So whenever you want to waste some time, we can try doing the
SpeakFreely thing back and forth.  :-)


 - Jim

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