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Re: ZDNet article

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Pick writes:

Jim> About a month or two ago, I phoned most of the consultants that
Jim> expressed interest in North America and had a two hour chat with each
Jim> of them.
Jim> Some of them liked the ideas and decided to sign up, and some of them
Jim> got scared off.
Jim> I've got to do something similar with the people overseas - but I
Jim> don't think I can afford a 2 hour chat while paying International
Jim> phone rates.

Take a look at http://www.fourmilab.ch/ , namely the app called SpeakFreely 
(I think it's even available as a Debian package). If we figure out how to
sync in time, and the Internet 'weather' willing, we can talk on that. I
used it to talk to my friend in Richmond without any severe problems,
provided we were both on dialup, I'm on Linux and him on Windoze.


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