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Re: A name?

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Pick <jim@jimpick.com> writes:

    Jim> Any preferences for a domain name?
    Jim> I'm thinking "dconsult" might be good.

    Jim> I don't think it's proper to include "Debian" in the name,
    Jim> since this isn't really officially sanctioned by the project.

 Why not go for official sanction?

    Jim> I'll register "dconsult.ml.org" if nobody objects.  (no cost,
    Jim> so it's good to start with, and we can change it later)

    Jim> Any better ideas?

 I know a guy who went and took the Sun Java certification program and
 tests...  He's never owned a computer before the one he bought about
 8 or 12 months ago, and he'd never written a program either.  He
 certainly doesn't have a degree in computer science.

 They've hired him to be an instructor.  He was flown to a seminar in
 New York, and they're promising him a large salary to teach Java,
 working for a consulting/contracting firm who will rent him to Sun.

 The point is, if we decide to put together some sort of certification
 program, we have to ensure that people know it for real, and have a
 certain amount of mentored experience, not just a passing grade on a
 multiple choice test.

 There's a lot to know about in this business.  You can't just walk
 out of college and into a consulting job totally on your own, I don't
 think.  There's got to be someone around with more experience at it;
 someone who's encountered many situations that will be new to a fresh
 starter, and cannot be dealt with properly without some of the kind
 of background knowledge that's not taught in schools.

 I'm finding that though I'm learning quite a lot on my own, that
 there are things I'm going to need to attend college for.  I'm signed
 up on a waiting list for admission to a software engineering program
 that will start this fall.  In a month, I'll know if I've been
 accepted.  Can't wait!  ;-) I will need to learn to translate Windows
 programs to the X Window System.

mailto:karlheg@inetarena.com (Karl M. Hegbloom)
Portland, OR  USA
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