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Re: AYT? Support network, anyone up to?

>>>>> "George" == George Bonser writes:

George> Malaysia facillity, would I be able to locate someone there that
George> knows debian if it has trouble? The customer is going to call me, I
George> will do what I can but if the system failed an fsck and is sitting
George> in single-user mode waiting for console input, someone is going to
George> have to physically go into that computer room and fix it or send
George> the entire system back here.  They do not have that trouble with
George> their NT or Solaris systems. They can find vendor support
George> locally. Can we turn this into a world-wide "vendor support"
George> network?

I certainly think that we can, and we actually should have this branch of
consulting in mind from the first step. Even here, where the consulting
field is in the very beginning, a company is much more likely to buy a
support contract from a company, than to hire an individual; most of the
contrary cases are stemming from either an exceptionally high consultant
personal glory :) or some individual insider ties.


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