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Re: AYT? Support network, anyone up to?

"Jim Westveer" <jwest@netnw.com> writes:

> This is beginning to sound more organized !!

I hope so.  :-)
> You may wish to consider including on a "Consultants Page", the name/phone #
> of who is "on call" today.

Here's what I propose to have on the web page:

  Tuesday, April 14, 1998 

   GMT    EDT    PDT    Who's on? 
  00:00  20:00  17:00   
  02:00  22:00  19:00                           
  04:00  00:00  21:00   JIMP(CA)
  06:00  02:00  23:00   JIMP(CA)
  08:00  04:00  01:00
  10:00  06:00  03:00
  12:00  08:00  05:00              ROBB(US)
  14:00  10:00  07:00              ROBB(US)
  16:00  12:00  09:00   JIMP(CA)   ROBB(US)
  18:00  14:00  11:00   JIMP(CA)   ROBB(US)
  20:00  16:00  13:00   JIMP(CA)
  22:00  18:00  15:00   


   JPICK      - Jim Pick <jim@jimpick.com>
                (250) 490-8777
                Penticton, BC, Canada

   ROBB       - Rob Browning <rlb@cs.utexas.edu>>
		(555) 555-5555

(I'm sure the presentation on a web page could be done much more
 slickly - maybe have different webpages for each timezone, country,

> This would allow the user to quickly see whom they could call NOW to get
> help.

Exactly.  I like the "NOW" part.
> As to billing... I imagine that many consultants allready have the ability
> to process their own MC/Visa.  Do you invision each person clearing their
> own AP or having a seperate company clear the payments?
> IMHO It would seem easier to have each consultant clear their own charges.
> To have a "central" billing type of concept, someone would have to set up
> bank accounts / buisness licence / etc .

For starters, I think it's simpler having each person handle their own
AP.  I don't really want to have the responsibility of trying to collect
money from bum clients that I didn't even deal with.

I don't have MC/Visa processing ability myself (I've never
concentrated on doing small jobs).  If somebody else did, and a
customer requested it, it would be nice if we could work out a little


 - Jim

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