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Re: AYT? Support network, anyone up to?

>>>>> "George" == George Bonser writes:

George> Maybe we need some sort of feedback/rating system.  If the end
George> customer rates the consultant and the consultant rates the
George> customer, we should be able to spot a pattern of shoddy work and
George> still allow for the personality/culture conflict that is bound to
George> happen once or twice.

This is probably a needed thing to implement. Speaking of which, one of the 
leading companies in datacom, which is pretty big but still manages to
maintain a high technical level and nice geeky atmosphere - that's Cisco,
has an elaborate system of such feedbacks. When I worked for a Cisco
distributor/system integrator, I must've spent a ton of paper and several
megabytes of e-mail just filling in feedback and evaluation forms. Cisco
uses Linux worldwide, too :) and there're Cisco people on many
linux-related mailing lists - perhaps we can even borrow a bit of
methodology from them, at least for studying?


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