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Re: AYT? Support network, anyone up to?

> Yes, I agree totally.  I'm stuck in the "Rent-a-Geek" rut myself.
> But I realize the way to make money and provide better service is to
> join up with others.  Otherwise, I have difficulty servicing anything
> other than small jobs.  Even those seem to drag on longer than they
> should.
> I've worked in an IS department too, so I know that large companies
> tend to shy away from the excitable, hairy "Rent-a-Geek" types.
> They'd rather deal with the suit-and-tie "Geek, Inc." (which has a
> bunch of hacker-types locked in a closet working behind the scenese).
> We will only do well if we present the second "Geek, Inc." image.
I work with a few of my hacker buds in a small startup partnership, so far
we are doing 50/50 rent-a-geek and geek inc.  Most the rent-a-geek tends
to be for Linux support it seems, though we make more with geek inc. doing
solaris support.  It seems the biggest problem we have is companies are
shy of Linux because it is an unknown and equally shy of us because we are
an unknown.  I think a linux (debian specific if need be, I like the
distribution myself) organisation that if nothing else can add the weight
of officialness to geek inc. for Linux would help Linux and my business in
particular.  I'd be very interested in some sort of Linux Support
Certification Standard or such being developed.  (though funny enough the
little geek inc. work we have done for Linux has been to other consulting
firms not as familiar with things unix in general - like novell or NT

> This matches the profile of what a lot of my customers (and several
> potential customers) want to do.  Of course, to do this, they need
> more support than what I can currently give them.
> Debian is the best OS (IMHO) to do this sort of stuff.  That's why a
> support network might really be a profitable arrangement to set up.

quite agree.  count me in for now please.

> > Can we turn this into a world-wide "vendor support" network?
> I don't see why not.  There's already really good world-wide volunteer
> support.  We just need a little bit of organization to do some of it
> for pay.
> The trick right now is just getting started.

I favor the 'help desk' schedule approach sorted by time available and
geographic region.  I like to stay in the pacific northwest because quite
often I'm called upon for site visits etc.  as well I would like to seem
some sort of standards established, this could also serve very nicely as
the qualifications for being a memeber of the co-op.

t. camp

> Cheers,
>  - Jim

   Tracy Camp | http://www.hurrah.com/ | I like Tea and Crumpets
			E Plurbus Curvum

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