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Re: AYT? Support network, anyone up to?

Jody Winston <jody@ldeo.columbia.edu> writes:

> I'm set up to do the billing (Sub-S Texas Corporation, 10 years old)
> that has been very successful in providing consulting to the energy
> industry but I haven't had a steady enough stream for Linux, or FSF,
> or X Windows.  In fact, less than 10% of my work can be directly
> attributed to Linux, FSF, or X Windows.  I'd be happy to be help with
> billing if and only if there is a steady income stream.
> Jody Winston

Perhaps the individual consultants may want to use your service.

Currently, I'm only sending out 2-3 invoices per month - so my process
is very manual.  My clients tend to hire me for more than just simple
support problems.

It might not be terribly efficient, but it doesn't take up much time,

If all the different consultants start generating an awful lot of
paperwork, then there really starts to be a business case for
outsourcing/centralized billing.  We're not there yet, of course.


 - Jim

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