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Re: AYT? Support network, anyone up to?

>>>>> "Lalo" == Lalo Martins writes:

Lalo> Are these lists active? 

Apparently not, yours is the first message I got :)

Lalo> I guess we could come to organize such a thing? Debian is good
Lalo> because it's the dream system for a consultant, with its open
Lalo> development style and its bug reporting/tracking system, but maybe we
Lalo> could make this non-Debian-exclusive? [I'd rather have a Debian-only
Lalo> one if there are enought people interested, but if not, it's better
Lalo> to have a general-purpose Linux one than nothing]

After reading Bruce's initial proposal, I wrote him couple times in
response (like, "I'm interested, put me in on it"), but never got any
response. I'm doing consulting on Debian, Red Hat and Caldera here anyway,
and any structuring would be only an additional benefit.

Lalo> One thing that bothers me is geography... some folks would be alone
Lalo> in big physical areas (me in Brazil, for example). But we could come
Lalo> up with something?

We can try :)


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