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Re: The consultants pages are mirroring again.

Behan Webster wrote:
> My uderstanding is that Sue, our fearless webmaster, has fixed
> whatever the problem is, and things are being updated again.
Actually, I'm a bit embarassed it took me so long to get around to
fixing it.

> As far as this mailing list is concerned, what are the details
> on how to subscribe to this list?  Is it as simple as sending
> a "subscribe" messages to
> debian-consultants-request@lists.debian.org ?
That should do it.

> I'd like to put details on how to subscribe to this list on
> the web page.
My only concern is that people will start subscribing to it and asking
questions that belong on debian-user. I am guessing that many of the
consultants would like to see this be a low-volume list.

- Sue

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