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Re: The consultants pages are mirroring again.

Sue Campbell wrote:
> > I'd like to put details on how to subscribe to this list on
> > the web page.
> My only concern is that people will start subscribing to it and asking
> questions that belong on debian-user. I am guessing that many of the
> consultants would like to see this be a low-volume list.

I was wondernig whether this would be the case, which is one of the
reasons I asked.  Problem being that everyone added to the consultants
list since the consultants mailing list started don't know it exists.
I'm afraid I forgot to tell them about it.

Perhaps I should just do a mass mailing to everyone currently listed
on the consultants page and tell them about it?  Yah, that's probably
good enough...

As far as keeping it low-volume, I don't think it could get much
lower volume.  I haven't seen anything posted to it for months!  8)


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