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The consultants pages are mirroring again.

There was a interruption in service in updating the consultants
page on www.debian.org, as the mirror script to mirror it from
my working copy didn't survive the move of master.debian.org.

My uderstanding is that Sue, our fearless webmaster, has fixed
whatever the problem is, and things are being updated again.

Thanks Sue!

As far as this mailing list is concerned, what are the details
on how to subscribe to this list?  Is it as simple as sending
a "subscribe" messages to
debian-consultants-request@lists.debian.org ?

I'd like to put details on how to subscribe to this list on
the web page.



Behan Webster     mailto:behanw@verisim.com
+1-613-224-7547   http://www.verisim.com/

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