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Bug#939452: sbcl: Please don't list white-list architectures in debian/control

On 9/5/19 3:38 PM, Sébastien Villemot wrote:
> I have recently tried to bootstrap both ppc64el and riscv64, but it
> failed in both cases. The support for those architectures is still
> experimental, and obviously not yet ready for inclusion in Debian.
> I did not try the other (non-release) archs.

Do you have a documentation somewhere which explains how sbcl is bootstapped?

I would like to bootstrap sbcl on all supported architectures. I suppose that
alpha and hppa should work fine given their age and hence maturity.

>> In order to support more architectures, we would need to bootstrap them. I haven't
>> specifically looked into sbcl yet how that works, but I assume you need to cross-
>> compile or use ecl for bootstrapping. I will look into this later.
> There are indeed 3 methods: cross-compiling, bootstrapping with ecl, or
> bootstrapping with clisp.

It would be nice if we could modify the package so that it can be cross-compiled.

I have already played around with debian/rules a bit but so far I haven't figured
out yet what script to call to start the actual cross-build.
>> As the first step, the architecture white-list in debian/control for the sbcl
>> package should be removed as the build is blocked by the missing bootstrapped
>> sbcl package on the buildds anyway.
> Ok, noted.



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