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Bug#939452: sbcl: Please don't list white-list architectures in debian/control

Le jeudi 05 septembre 2019 à 09:00 +0200, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz a écrit :
> Source: sbcl
> Version: 2:1.5.6-1
> Severity: normal

> Looking at the buildd results [1] and comparing with the actual sbcl source [2],
> it seems that sbcl supports more architectures than are currently enabled,
> including alpha, hppa, ppc64 and riscv. sparc is probably not usable because
> Debian has sparc64 and not sparc but porting the sparc backend to sparc64
> might be feasible.

I have recently tried to bootstrap both ppc64el and riscv64, but it
failed in both cases. The support for those architectures is still
experimental, and obviously not yet ready for inclusion in Debian.

I did not try the other (non-release) archs.

> In order to support more architectures, we would need to bootstrap them. I haven't
> specifically looked into sbcl yet how that works, but I assume you need to cross-
> compile or use ecl for bootstrapping. I will look into this later.

There are indeed 3 methods: cross-compiling, bootstrapping with ecl, or
bootstrapping with clisp.

> As the first step, the architecture white-list in debian/control for the sbcl
> package should be removed as the build is blocked by the missing bootstrapped
> sbcl package on the buildds anyway.

Ok, noted.

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