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RFS: Please upload cl-asdf package

Far? <fare at tunes.org> writes:
> On Wed, Jul 22, 2015 at 3:13 PM, Christoph Egger
> <christoph at christoph-egger.org> wrote:
>> Christoph Egger <christoph at debian.org> writes:
>>> There seems to be a somewhat large diff between the "upstream" release
>>> and the debian package source? Is this on purpose?
>> Then the debian package seems to be (almost) the same as the git archive
>> but quite different from the tarball
> Well, this was kind of on purpose. The "upstream" tarball was broken
> from the release branch, so I built it from the "minimakefile" branch,
> where the release code was fully rewritten in Lisp and debugged,
> instead of being a haphazard mix of Makefile, shell scripting and Lisp
> code with bits of perl. I believe the debian release script was built
> from the release branch, with a tiny commit to debian/rules as
> compared to the version tagged 3.1.5 upstream. In all cases, the asdf
> code itself is unchanged, but some of the build and packaging files
> have been tweaked.
> The situation is therefore not perfect, even though everything in
> under source control. I'd hope for a new debian package maintainer to
> fix all those kinks; maybe have a separate git branch and/or repo.

Allright, thanks for the explanation! I'll upload then


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