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RFS: Please upload cl-asdf package


Far? <fare at tunes.org> writes:
> It has many bug fixes, most importantly with debian Bug#787909,
> an incompatibility of 3.1.4 with the latest SBCL.
> Please upload the cl-asdf package, after checking that
> it works fine for you.
> The cl-asdf source package builds this binary package:
> cl-asdf    - Another System Definition Facility

There seems to be a somewhat large diff between the "upstream" release
and the debian package source? Is this on purpose?


% diff -ur asdf-3.1.5 cl-asdf-3.1.5 | diffstat
 asdf-3.1.5/tools/asdf-tools             |only
 asdf-3.1.5/tools/asdf-tools.asd         |only
 asdf-3.1.5/tools/build.lisp             |only
 asdf-3.1.5/tools/git.lisp               |only
 asdf-3.1.5/tools/installation.lisp      |only
 asdf-3.1.5/tools/main.lisp              |only
 asdf-3.1.5/tools/package.lisp           |only
 asdf-3.1.5/tools/pathnames.lisp         |only
 asdf-3.1.5/tools/release.lisp           |only
 asdf-3.1.5/tools/test-all.lisp          |only
 asdf-3.1.5/tools/test-basic.lisp        |only
 asdf-3.1.5/tools/test-environment.lisp  |only
 asdf-3.1.5/tools/test-scripts.lisp      |only
 asdf-3.1.5/tools/test-upgrade.lisp      |only
 asdf-3.1.5/tools/version.lisp           |only
 cl-asdf-3.1.5/.cl-source-registry.cache |    6 
 cl-asdf-3.1.5/.gitmodules               |    6 
 cl-asdf-3.1.5/.pc                       |only
 cl-asdf-3.1.5/Makefile                  |  352 +++++++++++++++++++++++++-------
 cl-asdf-3.1.5/README.md                 |   18 -
 cl-asdf-3.1.5/bin                       |only
 cl-asdf-3.1.5/ext                       |only
 cl-asdf-3.1.5/test/run-tests.sh         |only
 cl-asdf-3.1.5/test/script-support.lisp  |    2 
 cl-asdf-3.1.5/tools/load-asdf.lisp      |    4 
 25 files changed, 288 insertions(+), 100 deletions(-)

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