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sbcl build for armhf

I do packaging of ROS (Robot Operating System) for armhf, and over the past few years the lack of a packaged version of SBCL for armhf has been a bit of a pain. Until recently, I?ve worked around it because the upstream version of SBCL didn?t have armhf support, and working around the issue looked easier than porting SBCL.

Now that SBCL officially supports armhf, I?ve put together a packaged version.

I cheated on the changelog because my users won?t notice, and I omitted the sbcl-kfreebsd.patch because it appeared to be applied upstream, but hopefully having a packaged version helps bootstrap upstream support: http://packages.namniart.com/repos/ros_support/pool/main/s/sbcl/

Austin Hendrix
ROS on ARM maintainer
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