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sbcl build for armhf


Austin Hendrix <ahendrix at willowgarage.com> writes:
> I do packaging of ROS (Robot Operating System) for armhf, and over the
> past few years the lack of a packaged version of SBCL for armhf has
> been a bit of a pain. Until recently, I?ve worked around it because
> the upstream version of SBCL didn?t have armhf support, and working
> around the issue looked easier than porting SBCL.
> Now that SBCL officially supports armhf, I?ve put together a packaged
> version.
> I cheated on the changelog because my users won?t notice, and I
> omitted the sbcl-kfreebsd.patch because it appeared to be applied
> upstream, but hopefully having a packaged version helps bootstrap
> upstream support:
> http://packages.namniart.com/repos/ros_support/pool/main/s/sbcl/

I have a sbcl installed on my armhf board here (bootstrapping sbcl is
fortunately really fun!). Unfortunately sbcl 1.2.2 still fails the
testsuite -- once that's fixed I'll upload a sbcl binary for armhf into
the archive getting builds started!


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