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IndyBox Systems Announces the Support and Installation of Debian GNU/Linux

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Debian Project
IndyBox Systems Announces Support and Installation of Debian GNU/Linux 
July 21, 1999
[note: Submitted by Alan Day of IndyBox Systems]

IndyBox Systems Announces Support and Installation of Debian GNU/Linux 
Jul 19th 1999, 12:33 UTC 

    Today, IndyBox Systems (based in Indianapolis, Indiana), the world's 
leading manufacturer of Linux systems, announced they would be introducing 
the option of Debian GNU/Linux in all of their systems.

    IndyBox Systems Chief Executive Charles Martin said "our customers have 
been demanding Debian as an option to the extent where nearly 40% of all 
systems being shipped were Debian GNU/Linux even though we have not been 
offering the popular GNU/Linux distribution as an option in our system 
configuration officially. We have received an enormous response from our 
customers thanking us for offering something other than Red Hat Linux in our 
systems. While Debian has been our single most popular distribution, the 
demand for Slackware, S.u.S.E., Caldera Open Linux, Mandrake and Red Hat 
have been brisk as well. We do have plans for offering the extremely popular 
Turbo Linux distribution too shortly."

    About the Debian Project:
    The Debian Project is an all-volunteer organization whose charter 
includes the Debian Free Software Guidelines (DFSG), the basis for the Open 
Source Definition. The project's purpose is to maintain a complete and 100% 
free GNU/Linux operating system distribution. Debian is known among Linux 
experts for having the best reliability and largest selection of packages.

    About IndyBox Systems:
    IndyBox Systems Corporation manufacturers workstation and server 
computers pre-loaded with the reliable GNU/Linux operating system.

    About Free Software:
    Free Software, while providing no 'warranty' compared to proprietary 
commercial software, differs mainly in that it is more reliable and more 
adaptable to the real needs of its users. The differences are a direct 
result of its open development process, which attracts those people who are 
both most interested and most competent to improve the software.

    Contact Information: 

    Debian Project
    Web Site -- http://www.debian.org/
    Project Leader -- Wichert Akkerman
    Press contact -- press@debian.org

    IndyBox Systems
    Press Contact: -- Alan Day
    E-mail -- alan@indybox.com
    Phone -- (317) 202.9455
    Web site -- http://www.indybox.com/

    (Submitted by Alan Day of IndyBox Systems) 

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