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Debian Available Preinstalled on Laptops

Debian Project
Debian Available Preinstalled on Laptops
July 19, 1999
[note: This announcement was written by Linux Laptops Ltd.]

San Jose, CA, June 30, 1999 -- The Debian Project has claimed another 
hardware vendor commitment, this time from Linux Laptops Ltd.

Linux Laptops is the only hardware vendor devoted exclusively to
delivering portable computers with Linux software installed and
ready to use.

Linux Laptops Ltd. is the Debian Project's second public "win".
The first was Corel Corporation's choice in April of the Debian
GNU/Linux distribution as the basis of their Corel Linux Desktop.

"We chose the Debian distribution both for its great reliability
and for the huge number of application packages the project
maintains," says Nathan Myers, Linux Laptops Ltd.'s president. 
"Our customers leave installing to us, and a graphical installation 
tool would just get in our way. The Debian Project has concentrated 
its efforts on reliable operation and easy, safe upgrades, because 
you only install once, but you live with the software for years after."

Laptops with Debian GNU/Linux pre-installed can be ordered via the
company's web site, http://linuxlaptops.com/.

About the Debian Project: 

The Debian Project is an all-volunteer organization whose charter
includes the Debian Free Software Guidelines (DFSG), the basis for
the Open Source Definition. The project's purpose is to maintain
a complete and 100% Free operating system distribution. Debian is
known among Linux experts for having both the best reliability and
the widest assortment of prepared software packages.

About Linux Laptops Ltd.: 

Linux Laptops sells portable computers pre-loaded with the reliable
GNU/Linux operating system. The company aims to relieve customers'
uncertainty about which portable computer models can work well with
Linux, and free them from the substantial chore of getting the
software installed and configured correctly for the hardware they

About Linux: 

Linux is the kernel of an operating system, a set of programs that
enables applications to run on a computer. Linux differs from other
PC operating systems such as Microsoft Windows or Apple MacOS in
that, first, it is "Free Software", and second, most of its users
have never seen it crash.

About Free Software: 

Free Software, while usually cheaper than proprietary commercial
software, differs mainly in that it is more reliable and more
adaptable to the real needs of its users. The differences are a
direct result of its open development process, which attracts those
people who are both most interested and most competent to improve
the software.


Contact Information: 

    Debian Project
      Web Site         --  http://www.debian.org/
      Project Leader   --  Wichert Akkerman 
      Press contact    --  press@debian.org

    Linux Laptops Ltd.
      Press Contact:   --  Nathan Myers, President
      E-mail           --  ncm@linuxlaptops.com
      Phone            --  (888) 546-8958 (888-LINUX-LT)
      Web site         --  http://linuxlaptops.com/

      Linux news       --  http://linuxtoday.com/
                       --  http://lwn.net/
      Linux reference  --  http://linuxresources.com/
      Free Software    --  http://freshmeat.net/

"Linux" is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. "Linux Laptops" is a
trademark of Linux Laptops Ltd. Other trademarks used are the property of
their respective owners. 

Nils Lohner				E-Mail: lohner@debian.org
Debian Press Contact                    Press:  press@debian.org

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