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Re: managing Huawei accounts

>>>>> "Bastian" == Bastian Blank <waldi@debian.org> writes:
    Bastian> Not in my case.  In my case it explicitly tells me:
    >> Services are available in the following countries/regions.

    Bastian> And only a short list shows up.

So, even if Huawei will let us register, would it be legal for SPI?
I think that as a US entity, the restrictions the US government has
placed on Huawei will create problems.

I don't know whether using a different TO would work or not.
I think that would depend on tricky issues of Debian's legal existence
and how US and other countries' restrictions on Huawei work.
The penalties are kind of large at least on the US side, so I personally
would want legal advice before I was involved.
YMMV of course.

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