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Unexpected "ctrl:nocaps" in /etc/default/keyboard after installing keyboard-configuration. debian/bullseye64 Vagrant box, VirtualBox

Dear Cloud Team,

Hi, I'm using the current debian/bullseye64 Vagrant box (VirtualBox providers) and I'm getting this unexpected default configuration:

After installing the keyboard-configuration package, the /etc/default/keyboard file will contain the ctrl:nocaps option, which turns CapsLock into an additional Control key.

Steps to reproduce:

host $ mkdir foo ; cd foo
host $ vagrant init debian/bullseye64
host $ vagrant up
host $ vagrant ssh
guest $ stat /etc/default/keyboard # nothing, doesn't exist
guest $ sudo apt update ; sudo apt install keyboard-configuration
guest $ grep nocaps /etc/default/keyboard

I couldn't reproduce this on a manually installed bullseye VM, even after purging and reinstalling keyboard-configuration, so I suspect it's something to do with my environment or the Vagrant box itself.

I *do* happen to have that setting in my host, via a Gnome dconf key, but I don't see how the VM could inherit *that.*

I found this while developing a pseudo-reproducible coursework VM image for an university course I'm TAing for, using Vagrant+VirtualBox+Puppet. I wouldn't miss the CapsLock being turning into a Control key, but the students certainly did... :)

I'm not sure if this is a bug that should be filed somewhere, so I'm leaving this up to your consideration.

For now I'll just work around it by adding my own /etc/default/keyboard to the build process.

Thank you and best regards,
João Matos

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