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Re: Unexpected "ctrl:nocaps" in /etc/default/keyboard after installing keyboard-configuration. debian/bullseye64 Vagrant box, VirtualBox

Le 12/12/2021 à 03:16, João Ricardo Sares Teles de Matos a écrit :
> Dear Cloud Team,
> Hi, I'm using the current debian/bullseye64 Vagrant box (VirtualBox
> providers) and I'm getting this unexpected default configuration:
> After installing the keyboard-configuration package, the
> /etc/default/keyboard file will contain the ctrl:nocaps option, which
> turns CapsLock into an additional Control key.
> Steps to reproduce:
> host $ mkdir foo ; cd foo
> host $ vagrant init debian/bullseye64
> host $ vagrant up
> host $ vagrant ssh
> guest $ stat /etc/default/keyboard # nothing, doesn't exist
> guest $ sudo apt update ; sudo apt install keyboard-configuration
> guest $ grep nocaps /etc/default/keyboard
> XKBOPTIONS="ctrl:nocaps,terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp"

Thanks João for your interest in the debian vagrant boxes.
Looks like this is coming from our build scripts

$ grep nocaps config_space/debconf/DEBIAN
keyboard-configuration  keyboard-configuration/optionscode      string

can you open a bug report at bugs.debian.org ?

I need to find out why we carry that cruft.


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