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Re: referencing cloud images in bullseye release notes

On Sun, Feb 28, 2021 at 02:01:04PM -0800, Noah Meyerhans wrote:
> We should be publishing release images for OpenStack and at least two
> commercial cloud services approximately simultaneously with the bullseye
> release.  I'd like to include a short notice about cloud image
> availability in the release notes, but it's not entirely clear where it
> should go.  
> [...]
> In a similar vein, Debian container base images are quite popular, and
> it would be nice to mention their availability.  While they don't
> currently meet requirements for us to label them "official" Debian
> artifacts, reproducibly buildable images consisting of pure Debian bits
> are available on https://docker.debian.net/ and are published to the
> hub.docker.com public container registry.
> Before I start writing anything, I'd be interested in hearing if anybody
> has any strong preferences on these matters.

That would be amazing, +1 and thank you so much for raising this!

Apologies for the drive-by comment and for scope creeping your question,
but I personally think it would also be great if these two methods were
better exposed in our website as well. The big "Download" link on the
www.debian.org homepage currently points to the netinst.iso directly,
which I guess would be surprising to most users (at least those not
already familiar with Debian). The next generation of Debian users may
not even know what a "CD" or an "ISO" is at this point :)

www.debian.org/distrib/ has a few more links but nothing about
containers, and is also not linked from the homepage directly. I think
it would be great if were listing on a prominent place some of common
ways that folks use Debian these days.

(I think #720989, #797342 and #819664 are probably broad enough that
capture these concerns as well, but if folks disagree I'd be happy to
file another bug for this.)


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