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Re: Azure Buster image

Hi all,

m 12.01.21 um 09:48 schrieb Bastian Blank:

> Hi Michael
> On Tue, Jan 12, 2021 at 09:12:11AM +0100, Michael Kesper wrote:
>> I had that issue on images where grub was meant to use paravirtualized drives
>> (/dev/vda) but used virtual scsi (/dev/sda) instead. (KVM on an old Cloudstack which didn't
>> recognize the Debian version...
> That might be a reason.  However grub-cloud-amd64 uses
> "grub-probe -t device /boot/"
> to detect where it should install stuff.
> However, where do you get non-SCSI-disk on Hyper-V, the only supported
> platform for Azure as mentioned in the subject?  Cloudstack is not
> Azure.

I know, I know. Just wanted to point to potential trouble sources.
Hyper-V does not offer PV drives? I didn't imagine that.

Best wishes

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