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Re: Azure Buster image

Hi Noah,

Am 09.10.20 um 17:52 schrieb Matteo Croce:
> On Wed, Oct 7, 2020 at 7:10 PM Noah Meyerhans <noahm@debian.org> wrote:
>> On Tue, Oct 06, 2020 at 02:58:22PM +0200, Matteo Croce wrote:
>>> The official Debian Buster image breaks when upgrading to bullseye.
>>> GRUB fails like:
>>> error: symbol 'grub_file_filters' not found.
>>> Entering rescue mode...
>>> grub rescue>

I had that issue on images where grub was meant to use paravirtualized drives
(/dev/vda) but used virtual scsi (/dev/sda) instead. (KVM on an old Cloudstack which didn't
recognize the Debian version...

> That's what I did, started another VM and attached the disk, then ran
> grub-install in a chroot.
> No luck.

I had success with rescue images which offer the option to "Repair GRUB installation".
That generated a "generic UEFI" boot setup which allowed me to inspect and fix the underlying issue.

Hope that helps

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