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Re: IRC meetings - time slots

On 2020-01-14 23:56:14, Tomasz Rybak wrote:
> Hello.
> We've had few meetings of our team on IRC.
> I believe this is good solution to keep everyone
> informed, and to discsuss who is working on what,
> who is blocked, and what's going on.
> We had break around Christmas/New Year, and before
> we return to meetings, let's discuss times of meetings
> and their frequency.
> Till now we were having meetings on Wednesdays, 19:00UTC.
> It was morning in USA, and evening (but after work) in Europe.
> Should we keep this time, or change it?

Keeping in mind what Zigo was talking about and also some people from the other
side of the pond (to EU) probably arranging those meetings 1 (2000UTC)or 2
hours (2100UTC) later would make sense.

> From the very beginning I need to note that I can only
> take part in such a meeting after work hours.
> But maybe we could have meetings in different times - for
> example one month like we had, and other month during day
> hours (CEST)?

This is some kind of solution.

> Any remarks, proposals?
> If you're OK by current arrangments, also please say so.

I personally would like to try slightly later time as described above but if
this is not working I'm opened to try alternating between convenient times for
Europeans and Americans.

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