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Bug#936030: #936030: /usr/bin/cloud-init: cloud-init 18.3 failed to detect network link type: cascading (datasource: OpenStack)


I've created a pull request for this report:

Huawei Cloud or Huawei Fusion will feed cloud-init with an unusually
network type called "cascading". This makes the instance provision
from Debian image fail, and I have reproduced it with our cloud image
from cdimage.d.o. Although I don't know what it is but treating it as
"physical" will just work.

The suggested patch does not add support for "cascading" network type,
but it will treat anything unknown as "physical" network type and let
the cloud init process continue, rather than fail very early and give
up the entire provision process because of the failure.

I would propose this patch to be added in a stable update of buster's
cloud-init package.


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