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Re: IRC meetings - time slots

On 1/14/20 11:56 PM, Tomasz Rybak wrote:
> Hello.
> We've had few meetings of our team on IRC.
> I believe this is good solution to keep everyone
> informed, and to discsuss who is working on what,
> who is blocked, and what's going on.
> We had break around Christmas/New Year, and before
> we return to meetings, let's discuss times of meetings
> and their frequency.
> Till now we were having meetings on Wednesdays, 19:00UTC.
> It was morning in USA, and evening (but after work) in Europe.
> Should we keep this time, or change it?

In winter, that's 8pm on the evening. For anyone having young kids like
me, this is a no-go time, first because I don't want to let my wife take
care of everything, plus I do want to spend valuable time with my kids
every evening, and then the choice is easy to make.

So basically, I can't connect to IRC before 9pm local time (currently,
that's 20:00UTC).

I don't mind late on the evening, like 10pm or 11pm (this would be
21:00UTC or 22:00UTC in winter in Europe), or even later.

> From the very beginning I need to note that I can only
> take part in such a meeting after work hours.

Ok. Then evening time is fine.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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