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Re: Setting-up the Debian Cloud Image Finder (DCIF ?) in production

On Fri, 2020-01-10 at 20:56 +0000, Marcin Kulisz wrote:
[ cut ]
> Last time I checked it wasn't possible. The best option available was
> master
> and hot stand-by,
> Tho it was couple of years ago, so maybe something changed specially
> when AWS
> and Google offer psql in full HA. I'd hope that they contributed some
> Galera
> like solution back to the community but I didn't notice any
> announcements or
> anything related, so it maybe just my hope.

All commercial cloud providers (AWS, Google, Microsoft)
have their own HA PostgreSQL solutions, but they haven't
made them Open Source, nor publically available.
What's more, after acquiring Citus (sharding for PostgreSQL)
by Microsoft, citus packages were removed from Debian:


So AFAIK there is no FLOSS multi-master PostgreSQL solution.

[ cut ]

> > 3/ I have no idea how to feed this application with real data from
> > our
> > generated Salsa images. How do I do that?
> I think we need couple of different datasources where Salsa is going
> to be one
> of them. I can see that AWS is already queried for the available
> images, I'd
> think we should do the same for other public clouds as well.
> I'm not expecting that users will search for raw images, upload them
> to the
> cloud and then use.

Per our discussions in Boston/Cambridge, we were planning to have
script pushing information about raw images from Salsa
(or Casulana/Patterson) but also scripts fetching data from
public clouds and putting it into Image Finder.
But I agree that script putting data from Salsa was the highest

Best regards.

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