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Re: Building cloud images using Debian infrastructure

On Sun, Mar 25, 2018 at 10:15:49PM +0200, Tomasz Rybak wrote:
> What do you mean by that?
> I've recently been thinking about how to test our images,
> and how to integrate test we've been working on during
> the spring; haven't come to any solutions yet, though.

Okay, let's outline my solution, which I didn't test yet.  For the
official builds all this stuff runs in kvm instances with nested-vmx on

- Each test runs in a disposable Docker environment.

  This means we have a completely scripted test environment.  This means
  less chance that documentation and implementation gets out of sync.
  Or just work against someone changing stuff by hand.

- It sets up a complete network:
  - a bridge,
  - some NAT for pretty controlled access to the outside,
  - dns, dhcpv4 and dhcpv6 server (lets see if dnsmasq works properly),
  - a mock metadata server for the tested plattform.

- It starts the image with kvm.

- It can then run the rest of the tests.


Ahead warp factor one, Mr. Sulu.

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