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Re: FAI.me service now supports creation of VM disk images

On 03/13/2018 04:54 PM, Thomas Lange wrote:
> If you have any comments, feature requests or feedback, do not
> hesitate to contact me.


All together, this is very nice, but not very cloud oriented. I am
convinced you need to have more experience using the cloud, otherwise
you would have set the options differently. Anyway.

- Do not generate a password for the user, just create the user with
--disabled-password when calling adduser.
- Do not import an ssh key, just let cloud-init do its job.
- Do not propose a root password or a key for it, that's dangerous.
- Do not have "Standard system tools" selected by default.
- Do not have "non-free firmware" selected by default.
- Add an option to automatically resize the qcow2 and make it as small
as possible (it's resized by cloud-init anyway).
- Add an option to select/order the cloud-init sources.
- When selecting testing, remove the backport tick box.
- Remove the option for the hostname (cloud-init changes it at boot).
Just set debian.example.com by default.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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