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Re: FAI.me service now supports creation of VM disk images

On 2018-03-19 08:43:30 +1300 (+1300), Andrew Ruthven wrote:
> Currently the only option is to get it locally, decompress it,
> then upload the image.

It can in fact be a good deal more complicated than this. Depending
on what hypervisor backends are in use, the image may need to be in
one or more of raw, qcow2 or vhd formats (there may be more I'm not
remembering). Further, the options for converting between them are
not ubiquitous nor necessarily even easy to obtain/build. There is
at least the option of native compression with qcow2, which works
reasonably well if you ignore the CPU overhead of decompressing at

As you indicate, Glance's "tasks API" is a pretty terrible idea. You
can automate just about anything with it, but as a result it's got
whatever completely nonstandard behavior the deployer has decided to
give it so a user has no hope of consistency from one environment to
the next.
Jeremy Stanley

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