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FAI.me service now supports creation of VM disk images

A few days ago, the new feature of the FAI.me build service was added.
Additionally to creating an installation image, FAI.me can now build
bootable disk images. These disk images can be booted in a VM like
KVM, Virtualbox or VMware or openstack.

You can define a disk image size, select a language, set a user
password, select a Debian distribution and enable backports just by
one click. It's possible to add your public key for access to the root
account. This can also be done by just specifying your GitHub account.
Several disk formats are supports, like raw (compressed with xz or
zstd), qcow2, vdi, vhdx and vmdk. And you can add your own list of
packages, you want to have inside this OS. After a few minutes the
disk images is created and you will get a download link, including a
log the the creation process and a link to the FAI configuration that
was used to create your customized image.

The new service is available at


If you have any comments, feature requests or feedback, do not
hesitate to contact me.

regards Thomas

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