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Re: Vagrant disk size

Le 10/02/2018 à 11:13, Gero Müller a écrit :
> Hi!
> Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately /vagrant does not fulfil the
> requirements for building raspberry images, no special/dev files. Even
> NFS does not work.
> Cheers
> Gero

OK I see.
Can you submit a bug report on bts.debian.org againtst the
cloud.debian.org package, describing your issue >

I have to see if we can cover that with a bigger disk image, or if
having an end user doc is enough to cover that.

Maybe cloud-initramfs-growroot can help too here, but we need to avoid
the whole cloud-init stuff ( 7s slowdown at boot ) if we can.

apt-cache show cloud-initramfs-growroot | grep ^Description:
Description: automatically resize the root partition on first boot

IIRC for this too work the root partition has to be the last one in the
partition table.

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