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Re: Why don't use virtualbox to build vagrant virtualbox image?

Sorry, I thought the problem was that you were on OSX and I couldn't use Qemu/kvm. 

If all you want is a packer job that builds boxes for use with VirtualBox on macOS the take a look at chef/bento. They maintain a repo of Packer builds for many of the more popular OSs/hypervisors/etc.


On Mon, Apr 3, 2017 at 9:29 AM, Emmanuel Kasper <manu@debian.org> wrote:
>> @stephane:
>> VirtualBox is non-DFSG free. It relies the non free compiler OpenWatom
>> to buildthe bios. This is why it is not used to create the Boxes, as we
>> want to work with a free toolchain. You can look up the details on the
>> ITP buck report for openwatcom.
> Ok then I need to use a fork and never push my update to upstream? :(

what is the nature of your changes ?

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