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Re: Why don't use virtualbox to build vagrant virtualbox image?

On 04/02/2017 07:59 PM, Todd E Thomas wrote:
> Stéphane, you can find Debian (or other popular) boxes at HashiCorp/Atlas
> <https://atlas.hashicorp.com/boxes/search?utm_source=vagrantcloud.com&vagrantcloud=1>;
> e.g.:
> vagrant init debian/jessie64; vagrant up --provider virtualbox
> It looks to be an "Official" box. I use it on macOS; works great.
> TT
> ​

Hi Thomas
I think Stephane wants to *create* boxes using VirtualBox ( currenly the
Virtualbox boxes are create with Qemu then converted to the VirtualBox

VirtualBox is non-DFSG free. It relies the non free compiler OpenWatom
to buildthe bios. This is why it is not used to create the Boxes, as we
want to work with a free toolchain. You can look up the details on the
ITP buck report for openwatcom.

If anybody has contact at SAP to ask them how to reconsider the license
of the openwatcom compilers I am all hears (it's rather an hobbyist
product now)


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