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Re: Why don't use virtualbox to build vagrant virtualbox image?

2017-04-03 10:24 GMT+02:00 Emmanuel Kasper <manu@debian.org>:

Hi Thomas
I think Stephane wants to *create* boxes using VirtualBox ( currenly the
Virtualbox boxes are create with Qemu then converted to the VirtualBox

Yes is that.

VirtualBox is non-DFSG free. It relies the non free compiler OpenWatom
to buildthe bios. This is why it is not used to create the Boxes, as we
want to work with a free toolchain. You can look up the details on the
ITP buck report for openwatcom.

Ok then I need to use a fork and never push my update to upstream? :(

If anybody has contact at SAP to ask them how to reconsider the license
of the openwatcom compilers I am all hears (it's rather an hobbyist
product now)

I think that  https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Watcom is old stuff never updated.
I think that reconsider the license can take too energy ? contact all contributor...? isn't it?

Best regards,

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