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Packaging of new versions of boto and boto3

I'm writing regarding packages you maintain, boto and boto3.
Both of them are not in the most recent versions
which means that they are not fully usable; for example
they do not provide access to recently added AWS regions,
and to latest encryption methods.

Boto is not developed upstream anymore but we'd still
benefit from having latest version (2.43.0) in sid and in backports.
Bug #843099 asks for uploading latest version to backports,
as the 2.34.0-2 does not contain support for the most recent
authentication signatures.

There is opened bug against boto3 (#832559) asking for the new
version. Last communication occured at the end of July; you
wrote there that new version (then 1.3.1) will be uploaded
when botocore 1.4.1 will be in sid. Botocore 1.4.60 was uploaded
on 2016-10-17. Can you update boto3 to the latest version (1.4.1)?

Stretch freeze is coming closer; it would be good if
the most recent versions were in Stretch.

As cloud environment is constantly evolving, it's important
for us to have most recent versions of packages providing
access to AWS - both in unstable and in backports. Backports
might be even more important as they are used by users of Debian
images. Recently we (Debian Cloud Team) had sprint
and we're ready to help with maintaining relevant packages,
to ensure their presence in Debian.

Best regards.

Tomasz Rybak, Debian Maintainer <tomasz.rybak@post.pl>
GPG: A481 824E 7DD3 9C0E C40A  488E C654 FB33 2AD5 9860

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