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Re: Packaging of new versions of boto and boto3

Hi, Tomasz,

[ Tomasz Rybak ]
> Boto is not developed upstream anymore but we'd still
> benefit from having latest version (2.43.0) in sid and in backports.
> Bug #843099 asks for uploading latest version to backports,
> as the 2.34.0-2 does not contain support for the most recent
> authentication signatures.
> There is opened bug against boto3 (#832559) asking for the new
> version. Last communication occured at the end of July; you
> wrote there that new version (then 1.3.1) will be uploaded
> when botocore 1.4.1 will be in sid. Botocore 1.4.60 was uploaded
> on 2016-10-17. Can you update boto3 to the latest version (1.4.1)?
> Stretch freeze is coming closer; it would be good if
> the most recent versions were in Stretch.

I uploaded 1.4.1 tonight, and 2.43.0 will follow shortly.


Eric Evans

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