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Moving vmdebootstrap development discussions so debian-cloud?

This might be a bit a crazy idea, but what do people on -cloud think
about moving vmdebootstrap development discussions from its Alioth
list to debian-cloud@lists.debian.org?

I have two reasons for suggesting this: better spam filtering, and
more exposure to and feedback from vmdebootstrap users. A third, but
admittedly weaker reason would be to have more cross-pollination
between different image creation tooling.

It seem to me that lists.d.o has much better spam filtering than
Alioth does. I'd like to benefit from that.

While I realize that not everyone on -cloud uses vmdebootstrap, and
that vmdebootstrap is not only for virtual machines, I think -cloud
has most of the users and as I gear up for making reasonably large
changes, I think it would benefit development to get feedback from any
planned changes as early as possible rather than only after the
changes have been implemented and included in a new release of

Here's how I would implement this:

* Change documentation to refer to -cloud instead of the Alioth list.
* In the next upload, use -cloud instead of the Alioth list in the
  Maintainer field. This would mean bug reports come to -cloud as

The Alioth list has been rather quiet, except for spam, so I do no
expect a large amount of extra mail to -cloud.

So, what do you think? Good idea? Bad idea?

I want to build worthwhile things that might last. --joeyh

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