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Re: Summary of the Cloud Images BoF at DC16

On 2016-07-27 00:02:19 +0100 (+0100), Steve McIntyre wrote:
>    + Does any cloud platform require contrib or non-free bits for
>      cloud-init? Most not, but apparently at least Rackspace needs a
>      specific agent which is not free and it's difficult to even get
>      hold of a copy. There are ways to do things better here, they're
>      just not using those methods.

This is debatable. I run hundreds of servers in Rackspace from
custom images without their agent installed. It's "needed" if you
want some cleaner integration with some of their features, but it's
far, far, far from necessary. OpenStack-based environments should
never require non-OpenStack agent or client software for them to be
usable, and in my view (as an OpenStack contributor) Rackspace's
seeming claim is unfortunate in the extreme.

That aside, the current "nova-agent" source at
https://github.com/rackerlabs/openstack-guest-agents-unix seems to
be Apache-licensed as best I can tell (just not packaged in Debian).
Jeremy Stanley

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