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Re: non-standard TCP tunings in EC2 images

Le Wed, Jul 20, 2016 at 12:09:55PM -0300, Tiago Ilieve a écrit :
> > - backports use cloudfront.debian.net. It would be great to work with
> >   DSA to make cloudfront.debian.net official (part of deb.debian.org).
> >   In the meantime, I would be more comfortable with using deb.debian.org.
> In the last time I've checked[2], although "cloudfront.d.n" were
> specified in the manifest, it was being overwritten to
> "httpredir.d.o". Personally, I wouldn't be comfortable using "deb.d.o"
> as it's still an experimental service.

By the way, httpredir.d.o is badly broken (#8210580, and in the North-East Asia
AWS region, located in Japan, it has been causing APT to take irrelevent and
sometimes very slow mirrors, from Korea to Turkey.  As of today, it looks like
it sometimes find a mirror in Japan, but still in 50% of the cases it gets it
wrong and goes to China.


Using cloudfront.d.n in the AWS images would make much more sense. It was made
by a DD, it was announced on this list, and as of today nobody raised concerns
about quality of service, security or privacy with this mirror.  Getting it
blessed by the DSA would be great, but before discussing it further, I would
like to invite people to read the thread on this list about blessing the Azure
mirror.  Sometimes, the answers to « Strange, why did not people do this simple
thing ? » is « Because actually it is not as simple as it looked like ».  And
no, it is not the lazy man's excuse for avoiding tedious work, it is because
there are real differences between geographical country-based mirrors and
mirrors designed for a given cloud, even if they are technically accessible
from outside.

> The Debian Cloud Team (which some people argue that it isn't really a
> team, just a bunch of people who work separately on similar matters)
> is heavily understaffed. I lost count of how many times Charles asked
> for help with cloud-init until Bastian stepped in. As long as there
> aren't people joining efforts to fix things like this, there will be
> countless threads, bug reports and proposals that won't see practical
> solutions.

Thanks Tiago,

actually, I am very close to burn-out at work and in Debian.  I need to drop
tasks and accept that I do not have the free time that I used to have in the
past.  For cloud-init I only make emergency work but it is a bit like if I
already stepped down.  Now that the new PTS is supposed to accept mailing lists
in its maintainer field, I will try to replace my name with this list's
address, and see if it works after the next upload.  (By the way, please
request uploads as needed.  Official updates are rare, but looking at the
Ubuntu pakcages, there are a lot of bzr snapshot uploads that would be released
as minor updates in other Free software projects.

Have a nice day,

Charles Plessy
Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Japan

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