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Re: non-standard TCP tunings in EC2 images

On 20/07/16 at 22:29 +0800, James Bromberger wrote:
> Hi Lucas (and list),
> Most of this was from this work:
> http://www.brendangregg.com/blog/2015-03-03/performance-tuning-linux-instances-on-ec2.html
> This was to ensure that the Debian images were as optimal as possible
> within the environment. We (Debian) are clearly not the only
> distribution in this environment, and we (I) have taken some input from
> the configuration of our derivatives and other Linux distros in what
> they set.


Thanks for providing some context about those changes.

I'm not questioning whether those changes are valid or not. The question
is not whether they improve performance on EC2 (I'm quite sure they do),
or what other distros are doing.
My problem is that we call "official Debian" something that isn't "pure
Debian", but rather "Debian with many optimizations decided by the Debian
Cloud team".

Note that an easy way to solve this problem and have the best of both
worlds would be to provide two sets of images ("as pure Debian as
possible" vs "Debian with the Cloud team optimizations"). Have you
(team) thought about doing that?


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