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Debian presence on AWS (maybe other clouds as well) and costs handling

Hi all,

I skimmed over cloud.d.o bug reports and it looks like some of them could be
solved but may create additional costs on our (Debian) AWS account. Therefore I
have some questions I'm not sure who is capable to answer (that's why DPL in
'to' field as well).

1. Do we have a cap on spending we can occur on AWS? If so what is it?
2. Do we have somebody (individual or a group) to track above?
3. Do we have details like above for other cloud providers (if we actually
having Debian accounts on them, as I'm not even sure if we do)?
4. Who is (if anybody) responsible for acknowledging/allocating what
could/should or couldn't/shouldn't run on AWS due to costs, DMUP or similar?

I know that above sounds like a bureaucrat bullshit but I'm not trying to put
any rules around it, it's just that I have no idea how it's working at the
As it's some kind of Debian infrastructure (even if not maintained by DSA),
keeping some kind of open ledger would be nice and would allow people to know
if there is a capacity for ex. their pet projects which may benefit Debian or
for additional mirrors like asked by Charles in #698477.

Once I have some answers I'll try to start drafting something reminding
policy and will drop it into git.debian.org:/git/cloud/cloud.git under policy
directory so we have some kind of reference point.

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