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Re: growparts from cloud-utils on bpo has a small sfdisk related bug

I'm pretty much sure that your patch is already integrated, but I got
a little bit confused when you talked about patching the package in
Sid. Otherwise it is a matter of backporting the last version from
Stretch to Jessie.

You are correct - the bug has been fixed in stretch, but not yet in
the bpo package for jessie - I thought it had not been, must have missed
it - so upating the bpo package to what's in stretch would be fine.

I only mentioned sid because I thought the bug had not been fixed
at all - apologies for the misleading info.

So... is it much work to get the stretch version in to jessie bpo?
The background is we have a customer who wants the fixed version
to work on jessie images - we can do a mini-repo but they (and we)
would rather it was fixed for everyone.

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