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Re: Virtualbox host and guest extensions mismatch and the vagrant debian base box

Hi Joshua

> Great insight. I installed that on a whim a long time ago, and completely
> forgot about it as I usually use VMware. Welp, I guess I'll fuck off now,
> but allow me to ask: any plans for releasing a VMware edition? Whatever the
> answer, be assured that your work remains highly appreciated.
Thanks for the positive feedback !
Creating a VMware base box would probably require VMWare Workstation in
the build chain, and VMWare products have quite restrictive licences,
even not suitable for debian-nonfree.
Since we don't have an opensource, or at least a free-to-distribute
build system for VMWare base boxes, we are not doing it.

Note that in theory it should be also possible to create a VmWare image
by exporting a Virtualbox image, since the VMware guest drivers are
opensource and packaged in Debian (open-vmtools), but how to test the
final image without having Vmware itself ?


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