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Re: Requirements for official Debian images

>> Note that I played with the boostrap-vz packaging repo from Marcin
> during debconf, and it worked well enough for me to replace using packer
> in the future.
> That's very encouraging news Emmanuel. Please do let me know if there is
> anything I can be of assistance with. I'm the creator/maintaner of
> bootstrap-vz and would love to see it become the tool for bootstrapping
> official Debian images.
Hi Anders !

OK since you opened the feature box request let's fill it :)
I will be only working with the packages from Marcin, so try first to be
a nice upstream to him :)

some suggestions for the templates
* use some FHS path for output default like /var/lib/boostrap-vz ( see
* change the path of the virtual box guest addition iso to the one
delivered virtualbox-guest-additions-iso

I put my own templates work in the debian-vm-templates in alioth

long term:
it could also make sense to use the debian packages
virtualbox-guest-source and virtualbox-guest-dkms to build the guest
kernel modules.
If one day we get virtualbox back in main, those will also move to main,
and the build procedure does not depend on a non-free iso

Thanks for the work on bootstrap-vz and the extensive documentation !


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