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debian images for vagrant / virtualbox

Hi everyone,

I noticed an account on atlas (formally vagrantcloud.com) that uses the name "deb" and the debian logo, you'll find it in this list:

At first sight, I mistook this for an official Debian account, but finally got a link to https://atlas.hashicorp.com/deb/, showing that this isn't debian-related.

1) I'm a bit uneasy about the combination of the account name and the logo. I don't want to upset the people of University of Castilla-La Mancha, and I very much value the work they put in creating those images, and while this may be perfectly compliant and do no harm, it somehow occurs to me that I'm not the only one thinking this may be some "official Debian" account.

2) Are there any other (official?) base images besides the one by Emmanuel Kasper (http://www.subsole.org/vanilladebianbox)?

Best regards

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